Author Guidlines

IJAHSS provides a high quality publishing platform for researchers, academicians, policy makers and practitioners. Papers are published after a peer review by qualified scholars. Upon publishing, these articles are put online for global access through open access model. This means that we do not charge any fee to anyone wishing to access and use the article.

Various costs such as editorial costs, electronic composition and print production, journal information system, manuscript management system, electronic archiving, overhead expenses, and administrative costs are partially through a minimal article processing charge (APC) as follows:

i. For Kenyan authors – KES 15,000/- (For one entire research paper)

ii. For authors from other countries - USD $150 (For one entire research paper publication)

The Article Processing Fee (APF) covers:

v Editorial work

v Publication of one entire research paper Online

v Individual Certificate Hard Copy & Soft Copy to all author of paper

v Dispatch/postage Charges for Delivery of Hard Copies)

v Indexing, maintenance of link resolver and journal infrastructures.

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